Our alpacas are friendly, gentle and definitely up for a selfie! Come and meet them and take them for a walk, or we'll come to your wedding or event to provide a different take on your guest list.

North Coast 500 Alpacas is less than 2 miles from the A99 and the NC 500 route and only 5 miles from Wick. We are Laura and Pauline Robinson.

We have been interested in alpacas for a number of years, which has resulted in us starting up our own business in the alpaca world, assisted by a network of knowledgeable friends and fellow alpaca enthusiasts. Our alpaca welfare is paramount and we strive to keep them in a happy and healthy environment.

We offer a warm welcome and a unique experience including information and history of the alpaca. At present we offer two interactions with our boys - the Alpaca Experience and the Alpaca Ma Picnic. You can find detailed information on the relevant pages of our site.

If you have a wedding or other special occasion planned, how about a visit from up to 4 of our gentle and very unusual guests. With handlers and a petting pen, we can enhance any special event.

With the introduction of these calm and very different animals to a location so far north, but very accessible to the tourist North Coast 500 route, we can add to your holiday experience and offer you something truly memorable. Come up and see us sometime soon!


Alpaca Experience

A stroll in the countryside...

Come for a walk with your own Alpaca. It's a pleasant hour or two and most people find it very calming and fulfilling.


Alpaca ma picnic

Meet and greet...

Here's a chance for the whole family to meet and greet our alpacas. Bring along your picnic between 12.30 and 13.30 Sundays and Tuesdays, and we'll give you the chance to get up close and personal.

Meet the team.

Our alpacas love to pose for photographs. Come up and see them sometime!